Boston with the Family

We took a quick trip to Boston to visit our dear friend Doctor Adult Ringbearer Omar Parvez. The weather was shockingly nice (albeit a little humid and chilly at night) and we had a great time. Maxton even slept for half the plane ride there, and 95% of the plane ride back home! You couldn’t ask for a better travel companion.

Special note goes to the Cookie Monstah cookie truck. Every cookie we tried was delectable. 5 stars to their standard chocolate chunk. Absolutely Heavenly. If I had more money I would have a stack of them beside me right now.

My suggestion is to visit the Childrens Museum while you are there. Holy heck that place is cool! A bubble zone, kinetic energy lab, climbing sculptures, and a plethora of other awesome play areas. I can’t wait to go back. Also, check out ‘Zubabu’ if they are playing anywhere near you. We heard them play on Newbury Street and it was phenomenal.

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