Chai Donuts

278A6930While visiting the Tea Festival in Toronto I stumbled across a delightful vendor selling Chai Masala who had the most delicious samples. I couldn’t help myself and bought a bag of their blend and wasn’t disappointed. Chaiwala has one of the most unique and delicious Chai’s I have ever had.

I HAD to use it in my cooking, so for my first attempt I decided to make Chai Donuts. I have never made donuts before, but have been fascinated by the use of Tea flavouring in them since tasting the Earl Grey flavour at Cartems in Vancouver. I could honestly eat an entire dozen in one sitting, which makes it a dangerous recipe.

278A6931I started with a recipe from Buzzfeed’s ‘Tasty’ (seen on Facebook via my friend Silva – thanks!). I had to grind up some of the chai spices to put into the dough, and then mixed. This step probably isn’t essential, but it did add a nice subtle flavour to the mix. 1 Tbsp would be ideal. I only did 1 tsp and it wasn’t quite enough.

278A6932After letting the dough chill I cut and fried the donuts (and holes as well), and let dry. I also began boiling a cup of water with the same chai spices. This water when boiled down to the right amount will be the water for the glaze.

The rest is quite simple. Eat and try not to repeat.

Absolutely delicious. Special thanks to Chaiwala Chai, and Tasty for the inspiration!

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