I’m not one to have a Vision Board, but I thought the idea of having some clear goals for my life would be a good idea, and what better place is there for people to see them than posted in my very own website. Please feel free to comment about the status of any of them, as maybe it will help motivate me to actually get things done.

-Be the best Husband and Father I can be while still pursuing my dreams and aspirations
-Finish making “Laundry”
-Write “Hitmen” script
-Try and pitch “Roommates” to a production company or network
-Enter a pitch into the ATX Pitchfest by the end of 2014
-Write cult-based TV Pilot and series outline
-Start Etsy store for seasonal and custom light drawing Photography prints
-Start Cooking rating blog and continue to review one cookie per week
-Attempt to write one blog post every week regarding various interests
-Write a ‘James Bond’ original script


With more to come and updates to follow!

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