8 Month Photoshoot

Remember when the kids couldn’t move? Yeah, those days were over when these photos were taken. It seemed like Maxton could barely sit up and he was suddenly crawling all over the place. I remember it as ‘Panic induced safety proofing’. Ah, the good old days.

Inspired – A Note to Nicholas Sparks

Hello Mr. Sparks. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I, like many other men in the world, am with an incredible woman who is a big fan of your work. She is often checking into when the next book will be released, who is starring in your upcoming screen adaptations, and…

2 Month Photoshoot

It’s baby photoshoot #2 time! Well, #2 as in 2nd, not the smelly one. Here is a quick selection of Maxton’s 2nd month photos. A real cutie really posing for the camera. One of them really reminds me of the “Strutting Leo” meme. Makes me laugh every time.