Giant Cat’s Cradle

Finally, we were able to get our friends together and do something my good friend and I had been attempting for quite a while; a giant version of the string game: Cat’s Cradle! Check out this sped up video of us doing exactly that. Enjoy!

Now That I’ve Met Me

I helped shoot this! Check it out! Video for the first single off of Jamie Gabbani’s debut EP, One Shot Life. Shot on location at Revolution Recording and featuring the kids from Prince of Wales Public School. Proceeds from the sales of “Now That I’ve Met Me” will be donated to the Tim Horton Children’s…

Caught in Action

Caught in Action, a photo by JonathanStainton on Flickr. A quick shot of a Cambodian playing a neat game similar to hackey-sack, with a shuttlecock, in the streets of Siem Reap.