Ground Burger Bar

Something I have wanted to do for some time is work within the community of Newmarket. Shoot photos for shops, portraits for residents of the city, and enjoy the culinary offerings of my little town. On a recent project I was able to do just that.

On a wonderful date day with my wife we went to ‘Escape Newmarket’ and played their Archaeologist’s Discovery room. It was a dynamite time, but that’s for another post. While leaving there we walked past a yet-to-open, soon-to-be hotspot called ‘Ground Burger Bar’. A gourmet burger establishment focusing on a lively experience with delicious house made recipes. It wasn’t open yet, but we decided to peek in and see how it looked.

As luck would have it, the owner was walking up as we snooped and offered to give us a tour. I was rather impressed with the setup, and after talking found out they were actually looking for a photographer to shoot the food and interior for the website. After a few emails back and forth I was their photographer, and was super excited to help out.

The day went well, the food looked great, and everyone was incredibly helpful. Got some great shots, and got to try some delicious food in the process. If you want to try something spectacular, I suggest the “Oscar”. Absolutely mouthwatering.

Here is a small selection from the shoot:

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