League of Rock Video Shoot

At the start of this year I was hired to shoot interviews with multiple musicians and record some preformances in association with Roland Canada. League of Rock is a program for people who enjoy playing music, but don’t have an outlet for a band, time to devote to being a full time musician, but still…

2 Month Photoshop

This one we call: Maxtronaut Fingers crossed he becomes the worlds first Doctor-Astronaut-Lawyer-Architect. What can we say. We have high hopes! If you get in close, you can even see we modified the “Hadfield” mission patch and added in “Stainton”. If anyone knows where you can get one of these patches I would love to…

2 Month Photoshoot

It’s baby photoshoot #2 time! Well, #2 as in 2nd, not the smelly one. Here is a quick selection of Maxton’s 2nd month photos. A real cutie really posing for the camera. One of them really reminds me of the “Strutting Leo” meme. Makes me laugh every time.

Month 1 Photoshoot

You’ve seen the photoshop image, so here’s the actual photos from the shoot. I’m impressed he did as well as he did. The first shoot was the hardest, not knowing how to shoot him, or get his attention, but you’ll see as he goes along. He’s basically a pro now. He’ll be crawling (or rolling)…

Peterborough Photoshoot

While visiting family up in Peterborough, we had a chance to take some photos with the fall colours and Great Grandpa’s plane. Maxton didn’t seem to notice the plane, but with Hobbes (the dog) and family he had a great time. ***Special credit to the 2nd photo in the gallery goes to my wife, Ashley***

1 Month Photoshop

After shooting Maxton’s 1 month photo I had a fun idea. I decided to photoshop him into a cityscape as a Godzilla sized force of destruction. Thus began the monthly photoshop series. This is a little delayed, but that means you get to see the first six months in rapid succession. Enjoy!

Housewarming Photoshoot

For our recent housewarming party I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. I had recently been inspired by a photo of a filmmaker by the name of Shane Carruth (Primer, Upstream Colour) and wanted to do my own version with a bit of the subject’s help. Each participant chose two colours from…